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Encounter With God Sept 29th – 1st Oct 2017


Another group of people will come together at The Hawkhills for an ENCOUNTER WITH GOD.
Their lives will be transformed, because God has the power to change anyone.
He forgives, washes away hurts, removes the pain of abuse and rejection and gives hope for the future! He is amazing!

The accommodation is first class; the food is the very best; but the meeting you will have with God will surpass it all.


If you require any further details or want to ask a question please email us at

Venue for the Encounter with God
The Hawkhills

The Hawkhills, Easingwold, York. YO61 3EG

The total all inclusive charge for the weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, is £212 per person. If you would like to spread the cost please see below:
Non-Refundable Deposit: £30 then payments 1st May – £46, 1st June – £46, 1st July -£46 & final payment 1st August – £44
If you would like to attend please email us with the details requested below & send your deposit or the full amount to The International Church, Albert Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. NG19 8BQ (Cheques to be made payable to The International Church Mansfield)

You can also pay online – Go to our DONATE page

Details Required:

Full Name

Preferred Name

Home Address

Date of Birth

Phone Number

Email Address

2 x Emergency Contact Names & Numbers

Special Dietary Requirements


Many, many people have had a life-changing experience with God – here are a few of their stories:

Something wonderful happened!

I went to the Encounter with God with an overwhelming desire to be rid of the constant fight going on inside me. Jesus changed me! He set me free! He showed me that I am loved by people and most of all by Him, something I have always known, but now I really know! He made me! He wants me to be me! Something wonderful happened! I was asking God to fill me with his Spirit and a peace came over me. I had a picture in my mind of Him holding a big duvet quilt, the duvet felt like Gods love. He wrapped me up inside the duvet and just hugged me, He wrapped His arms around me! I felt the amazing warmth of His Love as He hugged me! He established in me a new depth of His love for me and showed me that I don’t need to seek others affections! He has changed me and set me free! Thank you Jesus! And thanks to the ministers for all your hard work and hours spent to make the encounter so amazing!
A clean slate, a clean mind

I received forgiveness, deliverance, the Holy Spirit, inner healing, peace like a river and joy like I have never felt before!! The tormented, pressurized mind that kept me crying to God disappeared in a second of time and a white, light space appeared in its place! It was like God had transformed me in a way I’d never had before; a clean slate, a clean mind. I was bound up by mistakes, memories, guilt, lies…and He Restored me to Himself. I called on God for the Holy Spirit, I asked for more, I wasn’t satisfied with what I got and He filled me to OVERFLOWING! Like rivers of Living Water that came out of me! Over the 3 days, He healed me on the inside, hurts and pains that no one could understand and the healing has continued in every relationship I have had contact with since!!
I am forgiven!

While at ‘The Encounter’ Jesus showed me areas in my life that were not pleasing to him. In great love He forgave me. All those feelings of not being good enough, not-liked, ugly, a pain, an inconvenience, and all my ‘hang ups,’ God removed! He also removed my feelings of regret. I am forgiven! How Wonderful! He then filled me with such peace. I came home with a new inside. I don’t know how, but He has done it. When I went to work Monday morning I felt physically different. My chest was free from anxieties which I had not even realised were there. My heart and soul were new. No cuts, bruises or scars. I was a new creature. Thank you Jesus for loving me! Thank you for a greater knowledge of you and what you did on the cross for all mankind. Thank you for a heightened conscience that is helping me to live more carefully before you. Thank you for a greater awareness that you see everything, and that you know me through and through. Thank you for showing me what not to be, so that I won’t give other people scars. But most of all “Thank you for an encounter with You” and may they continue daily. I love you Jesus!
The wounds are healed

We left to go down to the Encounter with God on that cold, snowy afternoon, the car piled high and filled to the maximum with all our necessities for the weekend. This was very significant because the car was full, not only of all our things, but of all my emotional baggage; my cares and ‘hang ups;’ all the things that had defined my character and made me into the person I was. I often felt like a miss-fit, that odd shape jigsaw piece that doesn’t fit into the whole picture. I felt useless to God. How could He use someone like me? I had no natural talents, no special qualities. I would often look at others and see such potential, but would fail to see anything in me that was useful to Him. I had hurts from the past, some of my own doing, but some from others and from things which I had been exposed to that were not my fault. I had memories from my childhood that I didn’t want there, but sometimes people would say something and a memory would be triggered; so those deep wounds were still there under the plasters. Since the encounter it feels like the plasters have been ripped off and the wounds are healed, my heart has become new. The overwhelming, consuming, enveloping love was indescribable. I find it so difficult to express in my words how to explain my Saviour and His Majesty. I felt that weekend that the All Powerful God loved me for me. He had a job, and a purpose for my life!

This Event is Organised By The International Church, Mansfield

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