The International Church, Mansfield 

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Why Don’t You ?

Think Church is Boring?

Why don’t you go to church?

Because hardly anybody goes!

Because the people who do go are all old!

Because it’s cold!

Because it’s dark!

The seats are hard!

Because they have boring music!

I won’t understand what’s going on!

It’s boring!

They speak with strange voices!

It’s full of hypocrites!


The list is endless!  You know what?  I don’t blame you!  There is no way that I would waste any of my life going to a church like that!


But supposing I told you that The International Church is not like that!  Suppose I told you that more than 250 people crowd into a beautiful, warm, carpeted auditorium, with comfortable seats.  And the music?  You know what?  We have two keyboards, lead, bass and rhythm guitars, electric drums an amazing sound system and very, very good musicians.  We have vocalists that will make the hair stand up on your arms.  Know something else?  We have loads of young people, lots of families and of course, some old people as well.  We even have a children’s church!

Think Church is Boring?

One last thing!  You can understand the preaching!  It’s direct, challenging, inspiring and instructive!  It is never boring!  And oh, I forgot!  We have home groups where people meet during the week. It’s fantastic!


You know what?  You need to be part of a church like this!  Please wipe your mind clean of the traditional, old picture of what you think church is and come and see us.  We meet twice on Sunday, 10.30am and 6pm.  Why not come to one of them?  Or both?

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