The International Church, Mansfield 

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Our Purpose and Vision

We do not want to be another church on another street corner!
We do not exist to provide religious services for religious people!
We want to make a difference, a real difference, in peoples lives!

Go into all the world
God’s requirement is that His church “Go into the entire world and preach the Gospel.” This means that we divorce ourselves from the traditional concept of a church which exists for Christians and becomes introverted – always wanting to be “blessed” and “fed” – while the world remains untouched. Jesus began His ministry by announcing that He had come to heal the broken-hearted, preach good news to the poor and deliverance to the captives. This is what He did and this is what His church must do.
This is the purpose and vision of The International Church and without it we will fail. It is not complicated. It is the outworking of God’s love through His people to meet the needs of our fellow men, a love which motivates to practical commitment.
Charles Spurgeon said, “If you want to give a hungry man a tract, then wrap it up in a sandwich.” He was not suggesting that man’s social and physical need is more important than his spiritual need, but that to reach the one we must minister to the other. Our vision is to win people to Christ, but in doing so we must be willing to provide them with fresh water and a loaf of bread.
The International Church has always had a missionary vision. We are not confined within geographical boundaries. Our parish is the world.
We are responsible and concerned for the people of Mansfield Woodhouse, but equally for the millions who languish in spiritual and natural poverty around the globe. We seek God’s guidance as to where He wants us in His great harvest field.


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